Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Don't blog while on the job

Latest news released by CIA officials regarding Michael Weston have confirmed that they have indeed dismissed the CIA operative after he allegedly broadcast a video of himself that was intercepted by the targets he was doing surveillance on. For the past 20 months, Mr Weston has been working undercover in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to collect intelligence on an emerging group of cyber terrorists that operate out of various hotspots in the city.

The group, known only by the codename CyberNinjas have been launching small but frequent attacts over the internet and could possibly be linked to the latest attacks in Estonia. No leader to this group has been identified and it is still uncertain if they operate purely as individuals or as a team. All that is known is that the attacks are always originated from public hotspots.

Former CIA operative Michael Weston was assigned to collect intelligence on the CyberNinjas in 2005. As this has involved many hours of sipping coffee or munching on a burger while pretending to be surfing the web, Mr Weston is reported to have taken on blogging. Although his blog, now taken of the internet, did not describe the nature of his work or his current assignment, it ultimately led to his dismissal. Sometime in May, Mr Weston posted a particularly funny video of himself attempting to throw a Roti Canai. This was viewed by numerous people around the world, including a CyberNinja who then recognised him at a local hotspot. This drew too much attention to himself and as his laptop was not secure enough, the CyberNinja was able to snoop around enough to become suspicious of him.

All activities of the group now originate from unknown locations while the attacks in cyber space have been stepped up. The CIA reportedly notified Michael Weston of his termination by placing a comment on his blog.

For the true story on Michael Weston, please watch USA Network's Burn Notice starting 28 June on the USA Network.

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