Thursday, June 7, 2007

Passengers Only

The Sultan Mahmud Baharuddin Airport in Palembang is different from all the other airports I have been to. Yes of course it looks different but there is something ELSE.

Its 'Passengers Only' from the drop off point at the Departure Area. Only passengers are allowed into the terminal. Normally this only happens at the immigration gates but in Palembang the area in front of the doors into the terminal is where you say your 'Goodbyes'. This makes in REALLY BORING inside. Try entertaining a 10 month old for 90mins in a small airport, with few shops and NO smoke free zones. We got settled in one corner to have lunch, and somebody lit up. Packed everything up and moved to another little corner, somebody else lights up. Sheesh! Don't they know it KILLS?

Hang on....I think this might have been the case in Bali as well. Perhaps its not different from ALL the other airports. Perhaps this is how it is in Indonesia. I'll have to go to Jakarta one of these days to check it out.

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