Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Moisturise Moisturise Moisturise

This certainly is the moto for keeping your skin looking young and fresh. Sometimes, when I'm in a drier climate, my face feels like paper after a shower so...even though I don't moisturise over here in Indonesia, I definitely do it on my travels.

I used to visit Japan quite often and I marvelled at the flawless skin of all the Japanese women. I'm sure it has to do with their diet and sun aversion but I know from talking to them that they are also very disciplined in their cleansing/moisturising routine. There is a new skincare line that has been launched for Sensitive Skin. Arouge is an all natural product that has been widely used by dermatologists in Japan and was recently launched in the US.

There are products for a complete facial cleansing routine complete with make-up remover, face wash, toner, treatment gel, moisturizer, skin brightener, night cream and sunblock. There is free shipping on bundles and all orders of $100 or more for purchases now.

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