Saturday, June 9, 2007

2.6 kgs!

In our society today, weight gain issues are usually thought to belong to young (and not-so-young) girls. AND, for them, the aim is for no weight gain.

For babies, weight gain is something to be proud of. And, as a breastfeeding mother, Aaron and I have come under criticism MANY times for his lean look. "You don't have enough milk" "Your milk is not good enough" I even had a doctor recommend I start him on ABM (artificial baby milk or Formula).

Just as well I am stubborn and thick skinned (or maybe deaf). I have been, and am, determined to prove that Aaron will thrive on my breastmilk alone. Aaron is due for a checkup and I had already started to think of my responses to further suggestions of ABM. Not anymore!

Aaron has gained 2.6kgs in the past 4 months. This is 0.9kgs MORE than the average weight gain required for this time.

I'll leave Aaron to give this look to the doctor at any suggestions of ABM.


Evelyn said...

Ooh... I love that evil look! Muhahaha! Aaron must be pissed at something, or thinking, "why does my mama keep bringing me these quaint places in Malaysia and Indonesia. Enough already! I want to go back to Bali!"

Man, I wished I had the same problem. Unfortunately, it has always been the reverse to me.

Surfergirl said...

Don't you be messin' with Aaron my man! haha :D