Friday, June 29, 2007

Online File Sharing

This is interesting. A short time ago, I wrote about online backup, not there is also Driveway - Online File Sharing.

While most email providers have limits to attachment file sizes (typically 10 MB) Driveway allows you to share files of up to 500MB.
For no fees at all, you can easily send large files to friends/family or post on your blog by simply creating a URL link.

There is no registration required and you can start using the service straight away. You also have the choice of whether or not you want to leave your email. If you do, then you will receive the 'Download' and 'Delete' links by confirmation mail. If you don't provide any email, then only the 'Download' link will appear on the confirmation page.

This will be useful for sharing all the videos I have of Aaron. As long as my connection is stable and fast, it shouldn't be a problem. WOW! 500MB is almost a movie. I think its just another 220MB for a full movie I think.

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