Thursday, June 14, 2007

My Own Home

Get married, buy a house, have some kids. Thats how a lot of people envision life. For us, it was buy a house, get married, sell the house, have a kid. I don't place a whole lot of importance on owning my own home but after renting for the past 4 years, I'm starting to miss 'making a place my own'. Anyways, all this talk about house and home came up because of a few friends looking into refinancing and asking me how I did it previously.

Back in the old days, it was about physically visiting various banks and having them work out the details of how much we would save on interest. Now, it is just another example of something you can do online. The advantages of investigating online also means you have more time to read up on the facts and digest the information.

You can also apply for home equity loans online. Take a look at the calculators if you're currently considering a loan or refinancing.

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can i get some loan