Monday, June 4, 2007

64AD, Emperor Nero, HOT DOGS

I love hot dogs! Don't get to eat them much over here in Palembang but my mother reminded me of them yesterday by saying she was going to Bunnings. This is a hardward store chain in Australia that has hot dogs cooking near the entrance. I really think its a bad gimmick because it makes me want to leave the store quicker just so I can get back to that aromatic area and munch on my HOT DOG!

Anyways I did some research (read: googling) on the humble hot dog and it turns out the first Hot Dog Sausage was discovered by Emperor Nero in 64 AD. This makes it 1 thousand, 9 hundred and 43 years old!!!! IMAGINE THAT!

OK, so where did the bun come from? This came about in the 1880s when a german sausage peddler found that his sausages were too hot for customers to hold and he was losing money supplying them with a glove. It was his more practical and astute wife who suggested the split bun.

So there you have it. The (very) summarised history of the hot dog.

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