Friday, June 29, 2007

Food, Fashion and Friends

HerFabLife, my fab life, your fab life. Life IS fabulous. I always find that it is especially happy when there is food, fashion and friends involved.

Women these days definitely have it all with careers that allow them the financial ability to meet up with friends at the latest restaurants, shop for the latest fashions or just chill for a day at a spa. Even though I am now a career mom (doesn't that sound better than SAHM?) and have absolutely no friends here in Palembang, I still find myself browsing through food and fashion online. I do travel out of this place regularly and really don't want to look and act like I've just walked out of the jungle.

There is a new social lifestyle community targeting the urban hip and trendy woman. provides the latest information on fashion styles, newest restaurants, bars, spas, salons and retail store openings. Freelance bloggers, aspiring writers, and students can all contribute content to the site. Like many other networking communities, there is a voting and comment system in place. I always find it useful to read what other people's experiences of a place are.

There is a 'HOT GUY of the week' tab too. Although....I'm still trying to work out if these guys were put up by the girls or they put THEMSELVES up there. And YES, married women look at hot guys from time to time. No harm in that.

The site is mainly targeted at women but there is also a tab there FOR HIM. Who says the modern man doesn't need the latest information on food, fashion and friends? Even if he isn't the one interested, his woman may need to find something for him. Like a good haircut!

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