Friday, June 22, 2007

Shoes, and now, Bags....

I guess for most women, the obsession with Shoes and Bags would have started at the same time. I've never been a bag person but recently....I've started to convert. And today, I think I've decided that I like bags after all. This doesn't mean that I have hundreds of them or that I crave to own hundreds....I just like looking at them for now. I am on the lookout for a good bag to double as a 'diaper bag' though....I overloaded the nice one I had and now its off to the 'hospital'.

Shoes, I have always liked accumulating. Not designer shoes though because I'm not wealthy enough to splurge like that. Just comfortable, cute shoes. My last count was 43 pairs. I had to go get a heap of dessicant bags to put in each box because of the humidity in Ipoh.

I'd like to own this pair but I wonder if its advisable now that I have Aaron. Well...I won't be able to get them here anyway. They are Zigi NY Brianna

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