Thursday, June 21, 2007

Gardening, Me?

Well, it does look like I'm becoming a gardening sort of person as I grow older. I'm not yet at the stage of digging my bare hands through worm riddled earth though! I'm moving through the stages slowly...hahahah....

Since moving to Palembang, I've cleaned up the garden here and have really tried to plan out a garden that suits the space and have even tried to take into account where the sun shines at each time of the day. For now, I just give instructions hands on yet. Well, my hands on go as far as browsing the internet for gardening tips and looking at gardening products.Lucky me!

We have Japanese roses lining the front of our house. Then, due to the poor earth that we have, our plants now are mostly, spiky and cactus-like. We have our Ladies Fingers growing well even after several harvests but the Four Angle Beans are still creeping along with no fruit yet.

It looks like we are transitioning from the wet season to the really dry season so perhaps some Rain Gauges would be interesting to install.

I also like these sunflowers I saw on the I have the perfect shady corner for it. NOTHING can grow there.

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