Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Space, The Final Frontier

I'm a TREKKIE and proud of it. All those, galaxies, solar systems, NEBULAS (my favourite word)....stars basically. A long time ago, I tried playing around with a telescope but it was just too cumbersome to firstly FIND a star, then focus and then refer back to a book to remind myself just what this distant light was about.

My interests have been re-ignited since coming across Meade My Sky Personal Video Planetarium at Its is an interactive, multi-media, hand-held guide to the universe. Similar to the Celestron Skyscout, the Meade Mysky offers a full color LCD screen and computerized capability to control the telescopes.

Shopping online is fantastic for finding dream gifts for others (and myself). My brother would love this site...plenty of other gadgets there like binoculars, night vision and thermal imaging. It may seem that this is a guy oriented site but trust me, many of your female friends will love these gifs too. Look under the Unique Gift Guide.


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