Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Coupons for shopping online!

If you haven't noticed, I live in Palembang, Indonesia. There is NOTHING for me to read here, EVERYTHING is in Bahasa Indonesia. I'm no longer moaning about this though because of buying books online. AND, I just found out that I can even get some online coupons for places like amazon.com.

Actually, CouponChief.com provides coupons from a whole range of vendors to pick from. The other section I've been eyeing is the baby, kids & toys but I'm still a little reluctant to buy playthings for Aaron as he only explores them for a couple of minutes. I'll stick to making him his toys for now.

Just as well online shopping works well here and so far, all my 'packages' have arrived safely in a timely manner. This really surprised me as I was expecting the same service as POS MALAYSIA.

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Evelyn said...

Hmm... there are these toys (most of them are made in Scandanivia I think) that are great for kids in the exploration phase. My child psychologist friend used to hang out at this toy shop in singapore when we were working there and she swears by them. They are really simple, wooden blocks etc were kids can develop their motor skills.