Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Waking up to PayPerPost Direct

I used to say that Online Trading was the first job that made me look forward to waking up every morning. That was true (and still is). But it now has a competitor - BLOGGING! I love it and luckily the ASX only opens at 7am (WIB) and I am up by 5am. That gives me 2 whole hours for blogs. Now, with PayPerPost Direct. there is even more incentive for my 5 am wake up.

With PPP Direct, advertisers can bypass the middle man and approach the blogger (me!) directly. I can even negotiate the price! There is only a 10% service charged by PPP direct. The competition, is charging as much as 50-100% markup and keep as much as half the money. Now do you see why I say waking up to make money this way is exciting?

I'm a bit of a worry wart at times but PPP Direct is secure. The advertisers don't see my email address so that will take care of unwanted emails and spam. No need to worry about the monetary transaction as it will be taken care so there is no haggling over whether the post is posted or the money transferred first. Its a win-win.

Payperpost really offers so much, blog ads, a chance to make money on your own blog and now a direct link to advertisers.

So for other people with flexible work schedules like me (ha! ha!). Check out PPP Direct.

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