Thursday, June 21, 2007

10 month old trampled by AirAsia Stampede

No, it hasn't happened yet but this is a headline waiting to be printed.

AirAsia is a hugely successful low cost carrier started by Tony Fernandes. Perhaps he was inspired by his former boss, Richard Branson but whatever the case, Mr Fernandes needs to re-look the ways he tries to increase revenue just to remain low cost.

His latest, supposedly entrepreneurial, move is to introduce 'Express Boarding' for a fee of RM20. My hypothesis is that this is to deal with the numerous complaints he has received regarding the mad stampede at the boarding gates of Kuala Lumpur's LCCT. AirAsia does not provide allocated seating, as such, passengers make a mad dash for the boarding line when the announcer lifts the mike, even BEFORE the announcement for boarding is even made. Previously, senior citizens and families with young children were allowed to board from a separate lane. That seems pretty normal right? EVERY OTHER AIRLINE in the WORLD does this. So, is AIR ASIA trying to stand out from the crowd by introducing the Express Boarding and leaving the old, infirmed and BABIES to deal with the mad stampede? No more separate boarding for the senior citizens and babies!!

So, how did I deal with this yesterday, on my flight home. I had to opt for boarding the plane LAST! If I were to line up, we would either have been stampeded and trampled, or I would have had to deal with people pressing up against my behind (yes it happens), or Aaron would have to be exposed to all the germ filled exhalations of the other passengers.

Tony Fernandes, please do something about this! Go the way of allocated seating and prioritise boarding for the old, the very young and the infirmed. I am not the only one with complaints. Check out this link.

I particularly like this post by THAILIBAN:
"by the way, there are rumours you can even book the permission to be the first passenger to use the toilet on board (when its still clean) in the future..... 100 Baht, what a lovely bargain for a safe p*e or a decent sh*t"


Surfergirl said...

hope you at least got a decent seat in the end! my experience "boarding" for my air asia flight to kl was like running with the bulls. it was fun to us (me and my friends) then but i can imagine the elderly, handicap, and those with babies. they really should do something about it. plus the aircraft seemed v. old. had the most horrible decompression on landing to and from kl. my face/head seriously felt like it was going to burst.
the poor flight attendants doubled as the airport/immig guide as well. no wonder they were grumpy.

mom2ashley said...

hey..i came across your blog when i did a search for 'airasia and senior citizens' because liek you, i am so disturbed by the fact that airasia has come up with this ridiculous ruling of makes me darn frustrated to even think of it.