Saturday, June 30, 2007

Chinatown in Palembang

We usually shop at Pasar Perumnas which is the closest to us. However, the only things we get from there are vegetables and tofu. I'm serious....thats all we buy there. We don't buy any meat or fish from here because it just doesn't seem clean enough. Its a good thing that our family is into healthy living.

Every month or so, we do make the 30min drive to Palembang's 'Chinatown' where we can buy pork and other chinese ingredients. This shop, Sahabat, is one of the gateways into the wet market where the pork and vegetables are sold. Sahabat sells all other dry groceries. There is a little doorway at the back but I didn't take any photos because my flash would probably have caused the price of my shopping to double.

We went there for the barley, red beans and lap cheong (chinese sausage). For pork, we need to be there by 6.30am and thats not usually possible since Richard needs to be dropped at work. We didn't get any today :(

Its a teeny tiny shop but its crammed full of items that the local Chinese obviously buy. I noticed that there were many imported brands that aren't even sold in the supermarkets.

These tins of baby formula took up so much room that they had to stack right up to the roof and even created a false ceiling to hold a little more of them up there. Once again, there were quite a few imported brands there too.

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Evelyn said...

Wow... this is like Choy Seng in Ipoh Garden that my parents used to get their groceries prior to the existence of supermarket in in the 70s...

I really hope you guys are getting enough protein, and the protein from beans/tofu is different from the protein from meat... especially for you since you're nursing and still getting your nutrition back from your pregnancy.