Thursday, June 28, 2007


The red wording on the sign translates roughly to "Sincerely requesting your help"

This little boy is sitting in front of that sign. His father was pulling him along and I think its his older brother walking next to the mobile stretcher.

This is just one of many heart wrenching sights around Palembang. I don't want to be 'immune' to these sights but there are just so many poor people around that I have noticed I don't feel as moved by them as I did in the beginning. I do my small bit by donating whenever we are stopped at the lights or in slow traffic but I always feel that this isn't enough. The money will help them through the next meal or perhaps the next day but it doesn't solve their problems. As the CARE website points out, education is the key to defeating poverty.

What will I do to help the poor?

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