Saturday, June 16, 2007

I guess its time for 'THE GAME'

Over twenty years ago, I introduced THE GAME to my younger brother. It was a great game and he loved it. The only equipment required for the game was a torch. It involved me turning the torch on, pointing it somewhere on the wall in our room and asking my brother to go catch the light. Of course, when he got there, I would either switch the torch off or move it to the other wall. The funny little guy would just laugh and go after it over and over agian. He was soooo obliging back then.

I have made an improvement to the game now. We play it in the day time and now the target is a shadow. I've been playing this with Aaron. Making shapes with my hands that move around, then disappear...then appear again. It simple and HILARIOUS. We must have gone back and forth on this for close to 15 mins. He'll be my obliging little guy for awhile.....

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