Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A shelf inside a cupboard?

In an attempt to make our home safer for the now extremely mobile Aaron, we have cleared the floors of everything. The bags we used to keep in the living area have been moved to the tops of cupboards. The boxes that we have not been able to unpack have been moved to the spare room. I'd get rid of the ugly sitting room chairs if I could but.....they belong to the landlord.

What this place needs is some nifty storage space. So far, I've moved the shelves into an open space cupboard so that I can still have the compartments yet have it closed away from Aaron's explorations. We had step ladders leaned against the wall of the inner garden but Aaron has discovered it so they've had to move to. This boy gets into EVERYTHING.

It would be good if we could get some more shelving and or racks to raise things off the floor level. Preferably used since this is only temporary. When we lived in Klang and Penang, we had gone to industrial shops for household goods because they tended to be cheaper. Places like American material handling corp. would have been ideal. I think the idea of shopping at these places started when we used to make visits to factories as part of my Engineering course.

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