Saturday, June 9, 2007

When was the last time you backed up your files?

These days I don't have much 'important documents' to back up but I have plenty of PRECIOUS BABY PHOTOS/VIDEOS to keep safe. Still, I always seem to procrastinate getting the CDs out and burning CDs of Aaron's photos. I came across an easier way today. And possibly safer too since CDs could possibly get destroyed in a fire just as easily as my laptop. Yeah yeah...I know that backing up is usually to safeguard against your PC crashing but there are plenty of other ways for you to lose data.

I had not heard about this previously but there is such a thing as Online Backup. Take Drive-E for example. They offer encrypted online backups for free (up to 2GB) and Unlimited storage (for $4.95/month). I'd definitely find it more convenient to backup online.

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