Saturday, June 2, 2007

Guest Writer - My husband

He doesn't have time to maintain his own blog so he wanted to borrow mine. Lets see what he has to say....

I have always wondered how to have balanced work/life? Large western style corporations urge employees to have a balanced work/life but I really wonder how many achieve it. I hear most of them are slogging it out at home on their laptops! Well I don't work in on of those corporations and instead spend my days in a sweatshop...I mean Chinaman Company.

Since Aaron was born 10 months ago, my life changed....I have to play 3 different roles, that is being a husband and father at home and a manager at work. Life became more complicated after I accepted a job offer to work in Palembang, Indonesia.

Managing people of a different culture. Learning to nurture a high need baby. Helping my wife adjust to life as a new mom here.

No doubt life is full of stress but 3x the stress might have caused more greys on my head. On top of all that, those Chinamen equate a good employee with one who lives at the workplace. But....we don't give a heck about them ;)

After 5 months of adjustments to parenthood and the new environment, the baby is now giving us blocks of 3hr stretches at night and I've adjusted to the Indonesian work culture. Although working in Indonesia still takes up more than 50 hours a week, I have managed to throw in 2 to 3 hours of workout a week in the gym and at least 6 hours of SLINGING Aaron time for walks around the neighborhood.

GEEZ! I never realised how good it was to vent on a blog!

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