Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Did you know?

I was always told that twin skipped a generation in families. It turns out thats actually an old wives tale and the occurances of twins have nothing to do with that. While there is research that shows that the conception of twins is more likely to happen to taller, heavier and African American women, the real reason of their occurance is still unknown. These days the rise in the number of multiple births is due to fertility drugs.

I watched the amazing National Geographic documentary 'In The Womb' when I first conceived Aaron. Last night, they had another 'In The Womb' episode out focusing on multiple births. Its even more interesting! There have been documented instances of twins who played a game in the womb, playing the SAME game when they were around 1.

Since making friends with a pair of twins in primary school, I've always wanted to be a twin. YES, there must be lots of problems, such as rivalry or individuality, involved but I still think its cool. Even today.

I used to think that having twins of my own would be cool too. I'm not so sure about that now if both came out like Aaron! HA HA. The only bonus would be that I'd have to go through pregnancy and childbirth just once and be done with it.

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Surfergirl said...

read about this too..lots of women having twins these days, and majority of them take fertility drugs/treatment.
twice the fun, double the trouble :D