Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The rollercoaster ride that is motherhood

"Hey Aaron, lets stand up. C'mon." I pull him to the standing position.
"OK. Now....clap your hands." He claps,standing unassisted.
"Alright, come here now" Left foot, right foot, bum. He WALKED!

CONGRATULATIONS! Aaron has taken his first steps. We were playing in the park with his trolley when it happened. It was completely unexpected because I was just teasing him so it was all the more amazing to watch. I'm sure this is just the first of many surprises. Lets hope the thrilling ones will outnumber the shockers.

An hour later, Aaron was screaming through his dinner (overtired I think) yet I was deaf to it all. I just sat there and fed him whenever I could get the spoon in. I didn't bother to talk to him or empathise in any way. I even scanned through some junk mail as I waited for an opportunity to get the food in.

How do you go from being the happiest/proudest mother around to an insensitive zombie in one hour?


Working hours from 5am-8pm and on call hours from 8pm-5am. Couple that with rushed meals, a physically demanding day-long workout,no private bathroom time and no days off and you have the answer.

But, its the end of today and tomorrow is always new and improved. A nice hot shower (after I wash the plates, sweep and steam the floor, fold the laundry and hang up the next load) will make me feel better. Even if I go to bed grumpy and worn out, Aaron's cheeky grin and wake up call at 5am tomorrow morning should set me right again. 5am is early but its the time of the day that I most enjoy with him.


number said...

I am so happy for Aaron!!!

Bilbo said...

Congratulations! Of course, here in America we say that we spend the first year of our child's lives waiting for them to start walking and talking, and the rest of their lives waiting for them to sit down and be quiet!

Evelyn said...

I guess there's a term for that when he's screaming his lungs out and you are ignoring him --switched off. I think my mom used to do that and gives me the cold shoulder. I have seen some parents hugging their kid really tight and hard when they throw their tantrums and somehow that works. Anyhow, regardless of how crazy that ride is, motherhood is far more rewarding than dealing with crazy clients and immature coworkers anytime of the day! Can I borrow him when I have a bad day at work?

Amanda said...

Bilbo, I was thinking exactly that when I was in my zombie switched off mode.

Evelyn, please....come take him once a week! I need the time.