Monday, August 6, 2007

A pat on the back

Yup! Jean nominated me for the Rockin' Girl Blogger award and it feels GREAT!
After leaving the 9-5 work environment, its not often that I get recognised for things I do. The weird thing is that, while still working, I had to keep reminding myself that 'I was not my job'. That success or failure at a job did not necessarily reflect who I was or how my life was turning out. Still....everybody needs some pats on the back and I happily enjoyed any recognition at work. The sudden absence of them was definitely felt when I stopped working. I did give myself that pat on the back each time I made some money but since I'm patting my own back....I kept moving the target and increased the profit amount that qualified for pats!

So anyway, since starting this blog, I consider every visitor (new or regular)and every comment left as pats on the back. And now, Rockin Girl Blogger award definitely gives that pat a tangible feeling to it. Thanks again Jean!


number said...

** Rockin' Mama Blogger!

k8 said...

congrats and keep on bloggin!

Evelyn said...

You're sounding like my mom who kept telling us that being a mother can be such a thankless job. :-)