Thursday, August 23, 2007

Parents Room at Indooroopilly Shopping Town

I've checked out another mall and the Parents Room there. The one they had at Indooroopilly was very big. The biggest so far with about 6 change tables and 3
feeding cubicles. They also had a gated area where you can leave your other children safely. And of course, it looks like the huge restroom I mentioned at DFS is in all parents rooms.

OK. So it was big. But that, and the fact that it exists, are the only good
points here. The place was not well lit. The furniture looked like used
office furniture that somebody was trying to get rid of. And, I think
their deodorizer was not working. I didn't really get a good feel from the place.

Still, if you need a quiet place, with hardly any distractions, to feed your baby, this place will do.

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