Thursday, August 2, 2007

Level 5 Water Restrictions

It looks like my escape to Brisbane for a few months didn't come with an escape from water issues. Over in Palembang it was dirty water. Over here its a lack of water. To beat the drought and also to create long term savings, the government has been implementing various water restrictions since May 2005. Its up to a Level 5 now.

Apart from indoor water savings such as 4 minute showers, full loads in the washing machine and re-fitting of the taps to be more efficient there are a couple of outdoor ones too. Watering the garden with only a bucket is understandable. No big deal for us either because we don't have that many plants. The harsher one is only washing the mirrors, lights, glass, number plates, and potentially damaging marks on your car only. Once again, using a bucket of water. PLENTY of dirty cars in Brisbane these days. The two outdoor restrictions actually carry on the spot fines if you're caught in violation.

The thing that I like about Australians is that they don't need the fines to help them save water. Many people have automatically adopted a more water conscious mentality and have a genuine concern about the water crisis. They CARE about the country.


Evelyn said...

Global warming :-( And you thought you escaped living in a developing country temporarily. Haha. Well, the mentality is different I guess. I think it has to do with the fact that in australia, you dont really need to fight over resources, therefore, people adopt that kind of mentality, However, if you grow up having to fight for everything, then, you become a hoarder (think China).

YO said...

I went to Austarlia on an exchange, and the whole Water Restrictions issue impressed me. Where I live, people are reckless with water, they dont notice it is liquid gold. My Australian experience changed me in that way.