Thursday, August 30, 2007

For a good nights sleep, sun your baby.

One of the baby sleep books I'm reading recommends exposure to the sun (with protection of course) to help improve a baby's sleep. It is true! It was raining all of last week so there was no going out. This week, we have been to a park every day and he has dropped his night time wake-ups from 4-5 times/night last week to 2-3 times/night these past few nights. Perhaps it is the combination of high carb foods for dinner, sun exposure, and dimming the lights at home 2 hrs prior to bedtime. Whatever it is, I'm sticking with this routine until it breaks. (Which will probably be tonight since I wrote about it here)

Here he is in the park. Discovering grass. How it feels, smells and TASTES.

Not sure what he was trying to do but he was hanging on to my legs from behind and kept playing peek-a-boo. I think he thought it was funny to see me upside down. This is the view from where I was looking.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Discovering the earth outside is fine for a young child.

Serina Hope said...

The good times can be very tiring. He looks like he is having an awesome time.

Evelyn said...

Awwww so cute when he's not screaming his lungs out. When can I see him again, mama?

Bilbo said...

Aaron is so cute...almost as cute as little Leya, my new granddaughter :-) . I'll pass your idea about sun as an aid to sleep to my daughter, who is a wee bit short of sleep herself, nowadays! Bilbo.

Amanda said...

Discovery and the freedom of just doing anything outside has really been a joy to watch. But as Serina Hope is tiring too. But not as tiring as chasing him around in the house telling him what he can't touch.

Bilbo, I hope the sun helps your daughter and granddaughter with sleep.