Monday, August 20, 2007

Kellogg's Special K

Breakfast is my favourite meal. I used to go to sleep thinking about what I'll have when I wake up. As I write this, I'm even thinking of having some breakfast before I go to sleep .....I just can't wait a whole night! Tomorrow's breakfast is going to be Kellogg's Special K. My all time favourite cereal. I suddenly remembered it when I was grocery shopping this morning. Being a creature of habit, this was my breakfast everyday (seriously, EVERY DAY) while in university. Even then, I used to look forward to breakfast as I closed my eyes each night.

I can't get Special K in Palembang so I've to enjoy it as much as I can here. Its no point buying a box back because it will run out and I'll just miss it more. I also can't get good bread, muffins, crumpets, bacon, cheerios, waffles or cheeses there so....they're ALL going on my breakfast menus.

I can't wait for tomorrow! Good night!

P/S Breakfast in Palembang is boring oatmeal. Healthy but certainly nothing to look forward to.


Bilbo said...

Your breakfasts are entirely too healthy! During the week, we usually eat European-style breakfasts of cold cuts, bread and cheese. On weekends, Agnes usually kicks me out of bed to go to the bakery for fresh bread and her beloved blueberry scones. Sometimes I get energetic and fix bacon and eggs, or splurge for some smoked fish or something similar. I'm hungry again. Enjoy your Special K! Bilbo.

number said...

I thought after a childhood full of oats every morning, I'd end up having something different. But I still ended up eating oats everyday now! Instant noodles just can't fill me up as much these days although they are better tasting than oats....

Jean-Luc Picard said...

That's odd that Special K is completely unavailable there. Why is that?

JUST A MOM said...

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMaybe have monthly shipments... enjoy

Amanda said...

Well...I had a bowl last night and one this morning. Love it!

Bilbo, I like the sound of your breakfasts too. When my dad is here, he goes out for the bread and then makes the bacon and eggs. Can't wait till he gets here.

number - go eat your oats. the indomee will make you go BALD!

captain,Ii thought I was the only deprived one in Palembang! Remember to give it a try whenever you're somewhere where they have Special K.

Evelyn said...

You're weird to be dreaming of Special K and can't wait to eat it. Whenever I can, it's the eggs benedict for me...That's always a treat. Yumm... If only you were here, I can bring you to a few places that serve a really mean brunch. Come already! ;-)

JLPicard: That's because it's Indonesia. Special K is an imported item where the locals can't afford to buy/eat it given the high exchange rates between the USD and rupiah. Supply vs demand.

gwapasila said...

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Amanda said...

Ah captain! I misread your comment! I thought you didn't have it in England either. Now THAT really would be strange.

Christian Skoda said...

I loved to eat standard American Breakfast, even though I'm a German.

These days we usually wake up later, around lunch time. Most place don't serve their breakfast menu anymore and laziness prevents from preparing ourselves.

So it's standard Javanese fare, which I learned to love and can't live without anymore after waking up.

Things change for a reason, right? ;-)

Cheers from Bali,


Life is what you make it!

John said...

Oatmeal, boring?! I have oatmeal several times a week. try a little brown sugar or maple syrup. some raisins or walnuts can also make it less boring!

Don't dis my oatmeal! It's the only healthy thing I eat.