Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Did Aaron recognise my brother from photos?

Yesterday's post about my brother's visit generated quite a few comments. It looks like all over the world, no matter how "violent" the childhood relationship between siblings are, people end up being the brothers and sisters their parents had imagined. Most people anyway.

Anyway, as soon as my brother stepped into the house, Aaron let out a little squeal and looked at my brother as if he were a long lost friend. We were all confused. Aaron has hardly spent any time with him yet he recognised him. Is it possible that the family photos that my mother has been showing Aaron everyday have somehow made this connection of familiarity? Aaron loved every minute with my brother and kept showing him all the 'tricks' he could do. Clapping his hands, touching his head, was really strange.


number said...

Everyone is sure to have their favorite Uncle. In Aaron's case UNCLE ZOMBIE!

Evelyn said...

Perhaps, Aaron bonded with Markie right away has to do with the cheekiness that he has already displayed. Man, you are going to have a handful if he turns out to more cheekier than Markie.