Friday, August 17, 2007

Receipts, Notes and Coins

Ok. This is a bit of a gripe. And when I think about it....not worth griping over. But it seems to annoy me each time so here is it.

I hate it when the cashier hands me back my receipt, notes and coins stacked in that way. Receipts at the bottom, notes on top of that and then the coins. I have to let the coins fall into the coin compartment in my purse and then put the notes away. On top of that, I usually try to pull the receipt out and put it separately. It wouldn't be so bad if they didn't rush to start processing the next customer but doing all this, under pressure, with a baby on one hip is no joke!

The notes and coins I can understand but I prefer to have the receipt put into the bag with my purchases. It used to be that way over here but I guess to make sure all the customers are getting their receipts, the new practice is to give it to you all at once. Next time I'll just have to put on an extra layer of skin and not feel any pressure to get myself out of the way. I'll take my time!


Serina Hope said...

Man, I know exactly what you mean. That is one of my pet peeves. So thoughtless.

Evelyn said...

Over here, they ask if you want your receipt in the bag or with you when they give you back your change. Best is to wear clothes with pockets so that you can stuff everything in and then, sort it out when you get home?

Bilbo said...

I guess this must be something that's a constant all over the world when you get change and a receipt. It is a bit of a hassle to sort everything out into the right pocket, wallet, etc. I almost always pay with a debit card, and so I prefer to have the clerk give the receipt directly to me so that I can stick it in my checkbook to post later...but generally, the clerks just stick it into the bag without asking. It's a minor irritant, but who needs ANY irritants?