Saturday, August 18, 2007

Parents Room at DFO Brisbane

I've found another very baby friendly mall. Its at the Direct Factory Outlet near the Brisbane International Airport. All the shopping is on one floor so there is no need to negotiate escalators or look for lifts. They also have the designated people-with-pram parking spots and a great Parent's Room. The sign just says Parents Room and I expected a change table and perhaps a chair in there. It was much more:

There were two cubicles with good rocking chairs for feeding your baby. Even includes foot rest.

A microwave for heating up food, milk or whatever. You're not supposed to use microwaves for babies but I suppose they couldn't put a stove in. Anyway, plenty of people use the microwave carefully. including me.

Two huge change tables with very very deep sinks next to them. I guess they know that some older kids need BIG CLEANS! Almost baths.

A GIGANTIC restroom cubicle that would fit two parents, the pram, and maybe 3 kids at once. Of course nobody would do that but thats just how big it was. Moms or Dads are allowed in there.

I think I'll keep up my review of parent friendly malls. Its something that I find myself searching the internet for when I go to a new place. Somebody out there might find it useful. Brisbane isn't all that big but so far, I've only gone to two of the malls; DFO and Toowong Village Shopping Center. Its hard to go out on a baby's schedule plus we love the outdoors here.

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JUST A MOM said...

ok enough on the baby mall stuff ours here in my town really stinkd... one of the newer malls has a little "Play area" BUT it is crazy in ther ewhere the kids play on stuff and the paretns sit and watch. They kick you out about every hour and clean up the stuff but really you almost make a person want to go where you are just to have the cool baby mall stuff.