Sunday, August 26, 2007

Parents Room at Sunnybank Plaza

Sunnybank is the unofficial Chinatown of Brisbane. The real one is in the city but Sunnybank is where a lot of Chinese like to live. All sorts of Chinese from various countries like Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Indonesia hang out in this suburb. So you can imagine how lively and busy the local mall there is.

We went to a Chinese restaurant there for Yum Cha (or Dim Sum as some people call it) yesterday. Food was only so so but the line of people waiting to be seated overflowed outside. Aaron allowed me my two bites to eat and after that, we went off exploring.

I came across the parents room at the food court. It was a small one with only a single change table and two single chairs for feeding. There was the usual extra large restroom. There isn't much to say about this room really. It served its purpose but wasn't anywhere cosy that you'd like to spend too much time in. Also, the deodorizer was a little bit tooooo strong.

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