Friday, August 3, 2007

I'm a parent

One of the firsts things I do when I come to Brisbane is go to the Library (after I get my sausage roll). Previously, it was books on trading and beading. Now, 8 books on parenting and babies. How times have changed!

Anyhow, after flipping through 'The no-cry discipline solution' by Elizabeth Pantley last night, one point stuck with me today. Supposedly, a way to prevent your child from growing into a teenager that talks back all the time, you can try avoiding the word 'No' as much as possible when they are toddlers.

I think I managed to stop myself about 239 times today but the other 599 times....'No' was like a reflex reaction. I guess it takes practice to communicate some alternate path to a 361 day old baby. It will have to be more like distraction. But then, with distraction, I have to be careful that its not bribery. Parenting!

OMG! I'm a parent! Lately, this word 'Parent' and related words like 'Parenting' keep popping into my head. I never thought of myself that way until now. Even though Aaron is nearly one, I've always just had the label 'mother' in my head....and even that, it was more from the nourishment stand point. Now that he is growing up and there is so much more to do and think about....Parent, Parenting, Parentese, Parent Teacher Night, Leniant Parents, Parent's Fault, Responsible Parenting.....


YO said...

Enjoy being a mother! I understand it might be a bit difficult many times, but I think you enjoy it, right?
PD Thanks for your post in my blog!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Yes, you have to start the 'no' word young. The later you apply it, the harder it is.

Evelyn said...

Yes, I have read somewhere about this whole thing about saying "No" too. I dont know what the alternative is, but I can check with my child psychologis friend whom I need to touch base with soon. I will let you know and perhaps, you can ask her your questions too.