Wednesday, August 15, 2007

How I Adapt

It has been extremely easy to adapt to life here in Brisbane. I think it only took us a single night's sleep to get into the rhythm of life here. Easy. A no brainer.

Although we'll be here till mid October, I'm already starting to think of how we'll adapt back to life in Palembang. I hate using the 'B' word but it really is boring over there. There will be no more trips to the library for singing, no more time in the quiet people watching in the mall.

Its no use griping about it. Our own adaptability to any situation is dependant on our own minds anyway. I'm not much of a planner in terms of life goals and all that but I do like organising my thoughts on how to feel about things. Not to control my feelings but to just acknowledge situations and prepare myself ahead. For example, an entire day in the house with a baby and no relief can be incredibly trying on the nerves. However, it always helps me if I tell myself in the morning that I am dedicating the day to him and all the challenges he is going to throw my way are part of his growth and I shouldn't feel priveledged to be able to share this. Somehow, there is less frustration and more joy in the day. If I am unprepared, I usually end the day feeling grouchy and cheated of valuable time for both the baby and myself.

Anyway, on adapting back to Palembang....I'll have to draw on as many brain cells as I can to channel the good thoughts but I'm starting to help myself now by listing down activities for a 1 year old. I'll have to get all sorts of supplies like non toxic crayons or play dough.....books with ideas on activities. Any helpful bloggers out there with good tips?


Surfergirl said...

i am similar that way too--that i always 'pre-empt' or psych my emotions --way of adapting.
im sure when you get back to P, you'll have a lot of loot in the luggage from brisbane to keep you amused for a long while :)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Acclimatising to a new place isn't easy. One finds that once they do, it's time to go again.

Serina Hope said...

Giant lego type blocks and musical instruments. Those are two of the things that will keep my one year old entertained for hours. I admire the planning ahead. I wish I could do that every now and again.

JUST A MOM said...

so how far back am I going to have to go in order to catch up on your life? You live else where and you are where you are till Oct. man just let me know where to go so I am on the ball...... Love the thinking your doing...helps much..

Amanda said...

Hi everyone! Thanks for the tips.

Just a mom, sorry for confusing you. I'll put up a post on all the places I live so that there aren't more confused readers out there :)

Amanda said...

Silly me! I'll just update the 'About Me' portion of my profile. Have no idea why I never did that earlier.