Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A baby friendly mall

As I have blogged about it before, going out with a baby needs some extra effort sometimes. I really must have a post raving about the Toowong Village Shopping Center (5mins drive from our home in Brisbane) because it is the most baby friendly one I have been to so far. I have yet to check out the other malls in Brisbane but for now, Toowong Village is perfect for us!

1) No hassles with the parking because there are designated spots for people with prams. Near the entrances of course!

2) No problem walking through the entire mall because they use travelators instead of escalators. Perfect for pushing the pram about.

3) The library there has sing-a-long days on Wednesday and Fridays for children under 2.

4) There are plenty of comfortable sofas about for us to sit around and just people watch. Babies love that.

6) THIS last one definitely scored points with me.

Not only did they have a spacious restroom that accomodates the pram, they had one specifically for DADS! The sign confused me for awhile but I worked it out. Usually, people forget that sometimes the dads will take babies out WITHOUT moms. Also, there baby change room is separate to the restrooms, thus, allowing dads to use it as well. Of course, they had one exactly like this for the moms too. I liked that! No more squashing in the regular restrooms.

Perhaps this is the way with all malls in the West. I don't know...will have to check out out. But it certainly is not the way yet in Asia but there are plenty of forums talking about the baby friendliness of various places in Malaysia so I think change will eventually make its way into the malls there.


number said...

I would have mistaken that sign for HANDICAPPED FATHERS WITH PRAMS RESTROOMS only!

JUST A MOM said...

WOW that is pretty cool we do have daddy/babychanging table signs here.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

A restroom for fathers and prams? That will never happen in England.

Amanda said...

I think the restrooms for fathers and prams must be rare anywhere in the world. I really am going to check out other places here and report back.

Is England baby friendly for mothers then?

Evelyn said...

Hmm... I'll keep my eyes out for one here. The best washroom in SF is in Nordstrom. The lounge area is bigger than my apartment! Go figure!