Saturday, August 18, 2007

Relative Humidity

One of my main complaints living in Indonesia is the relative humidity. The averages are between 70-90% depending on the time of the year. My skin is perpetually moisturised naturally. Here in Brisbane, it ranges from about 50% to 70%. Yes, it is much more comfortable to be in this drier climate but at the same time it is causing a bit more personal grooming time.

Our bodies have really received a rude shock in this suddenly dry weather. I think I very nearly started to look like a snake. So now, everytime I wash my hands....I need to moisturise. Morning and evening, moisturise again. Each time I clean Aaron's face, we have to go through the whole drama of him screaming and writhing as I moisturise him.

Even my hair requires brushing. Ok, I know you're supposed to do it everyday but sometimes, in Palembang, it is so hot as soon as we wake up that I immediately put it in a ponytail....and then forget to brush it. But it hasn't been a problem...a day or two later when I need to make myself look presentable, the brush goes straight through. Over here, ANYTIME, I put the brush to my hair, I find its full of knots.

So we need to moisturise and brush our hair more here. Small price to pay for living in a beautiful city. I am thinking more and more seriously about moving up the schedule for our move over here. Its currently a distant 7 years away.


Bilbo said...

Here in Northern Virginia, we tend to have very high humidity, which is good for the skin but bad for my disposition. Actually, I've always thought of "relative humidity" as the result of the crying you do when the whole family wants to visit at once.

Amanda said...

HA! HA! Thats a good one Bilbo!

Evelyn said...

At least you are not like in Canada, where it's SO dry there, where touching things or being in contact with another person provides stactic. Just keep moisturizing and Aveeno is probably the best mosturizer out there.