Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I have a friend that is constantly bugging me to visit her in San Francisco....but for now, I don't have any desire to go there. The journey is long and I've been there before. Maybe I'll go again in another 10 years.

On the other hand, even though Canada is just as far or even further, I've never been there. Yeah...I'm flighty, one day I'm thinking of Holland and the next day, Canada. Its just that I always imagined it to be somewhat similar to Australia but with snow. I love SNOW!

Flights to Canada must be pretty pricey. But so are flights almost anywhere out of Asia so.....Whistler looks like a good place to go skiing. I'm like a once in 5 years skier so each time I go, I have to get the hang of it all over again. So far, we've have been skiing in Australia, the US, and Switzerland. And next? A skiing holiday in Canada...WOW! I'm dreaming about it already.

These days, its is so easy to plan an entire holiday just surfing the internet. You can book everything from the flights, hotels, or car hire. But sometimes, it is good to have somebody to speak to just to make sure everything is as you have imagined. Somehow, the internet always makes things a little bit nicer. They can also inform you of any holiday offers that you might have missed.

To that friend that constantly bugs :) If I go to Canada, I'll make sure to go to Calgary as well. Just make sure you have time to come along a be the tour guide.


number said...

Can't wait to see Aaron in baby skiis!

Evelyn said...

Yes, a ski holiday in the Canadian Rockies sound marvelous, right? :-) So, when are you coming??? I'll be there if you are there!