Monday, August 6, 2007

I'm still puffed!

One of the characteristics of Brisbane is the hilly roads everywhere. A little like San Francisco I suppose. Anyway, this is the slope that I have been walking up and down over the past 20 years. Going to school, coming home, going to the park, coming home, going to the corner shop, coming home. Yet, there still hasn't been a time that I do it without being at least a little bit puffed! Luckily my parents didn't pick a house on the next street...the slope there is a killer!

I was pleasantly surprised today after lugging Aaron up the hill and only feeling mildly out of breath. After not pushing my physical limits in exercise for the past year, I thought that I'd be in worse shape. It just goes to show how much exercise a little baby can provide!

Looking to lose weight? Come babysit Aaron :)

1 comment:

Evelyn said...

Fly me over!!! I need to lose the weight! And, if you come visit me, you will feel right at home with all the hills we have in SF! ;-)