Friday, October 5, 2007

This is how annoying I am

Here is an interesting meme that I got from Jean. Its all about my annoying habits. All of them are about how I annoy my husband. Not on purpose but because he is the person I am most comfortable with.

1. Lately, I HAVE to finish a post for my blog before sitting down for a DVD. Sometimes, I keep Richard waiting and then get lost in the internet until its too late to start a DVD.

2. I like to mute the volume during the eerie or suspense sequences in thriller movies. Its amazing how quickly my heartbeat returns to normal once there is no audio accompanying the visual.

3. I'm lazy and often ask Richard to pass me something or get me a drink after I have gotten into bed. The problem is, I never remember to ask this until he has settled himself into bed already.

4. I don't like carrying a handbag so whenever we go out, I get Richard to carry my purse and cell phone.

5. When I feel like indulging in some Indomie (Indonesian instant noodles) at 10pm, I INSIST that Richard join me. I just don't want to be the only one doing something so unhealthy.

6. I find it impossible to sit still. No matter where or what I am sitting on, I'm never comfortable. I change positions almost every minute. The worst is when I am out in a cinema watching a long movie. Cross my legs, straighten them, put them up, tuck them under, fold my arms, put one arm behind, lean left, lean right and so on.

OK. Thats all I can think of. I'm sure I have other annoying habits that I don't realise but it was quite difficult just to put those six up. Perhaps the final annoying habit is that I probably won't admit to whatever annoying habit somebody else may point out to me.


noisms said...

I'm not sure those are unique to you. They're just some of the examples of the many ways in which women test our patience. ;)

Especially waiting until we've got back into bed and settled down before making yet another unreasonable demand.

Bilbo said...

I'm full of nervous energy...if I'm just sitting, I tend to bounce a leg up and down, which drives Agnes to distraction. From my point of view, noisim's second paragraph applies: Agnes is notorious for waiting until I'm snug and comfortable and almost asleep before asking me to 1) turn on the fan; 2) get her some chocolate; 3) get her some fresh water; 4) check to make sure her alarm is properly set; or 5) all of the above. I think it's a genetic thing for women. No offense, of course!

number said...

What a patient husband you have! But seems like you are not the only one "torturing" him. Luckily my wife reduced the frequency of giving out those requests after she realized they are irritating.

Amanda said...

LOL! I think I feel comforted to know that I'm not alone in my annoying bedtime habits. The three of you must be very patient men!