Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Journey of Surprises

After spending weeks dreading the journey back to Palembang, we had a wonderful trip back.

Aaron only slept the first and last hours of the 7 hr flight from Brisbane to Singapore but for the 5 hrs in between, he was GOOD. I was so surprised that there was no whining or climbing or any other difficult times. He sat with us and ate, read or played around with his car. Sometimes, he got down and played around our feet for awhile. To prevent any boredom of the two economy seats we were confined to, Richard took him for regular walks up and down the plane. It always makes me wonder if Aaron just knows when we need him to be good and when he 'can' play up.

The transit time at Changi Airport this time was 16 hrs so we checked into the hotel there. Once again, no problems with Aaron. He just went straight to bed. The surprise came when he slept till about 7.30am (Brisbane time) as opposed to his usual of 5am. I was so worried that we would have to be walking Aaron around the airport at 3am!

We had to check out by 8am so there was no place to put Aaron down for his morning nap. No problems! He slept right next to me in the sling. Richard and I had some peaceful time walking through all the shops.

So, thats it for the travelling (for now). Tomorrow will be exciting. It will be Aaron's first day as a toddler in this house.


Evelyn said...

Wow, that's amazing. I just hope that you will be able to find a "sanctuary" for you and Aaron back in Palembang. I really do admire how you just deal with things. I'd have just bitched, whined and complained if I was in your position.

It's funny that you blogged about being tested to your limits with a 1+ year old toddler. I was pushed to my limits yesterday by a 24 y-o boy! Yes, my client.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

You've travelled well, as has Aaron. Not everyone would manage that, as jet lag would soon knock me out.

Bilbo said...

Welcome home! Glad you had such a relatively uneventful flight and made it home safely. Aaron seems to travel better than I do! Of course, Agnes objects to carrying me in a sling when I get tired...

baby~amore' said...

welcome home.Aaron is wonderful traveller and sounds an absolute delight.
They are way to cute when first toddling and seeing the world upright vertically.

Serina Hope said...

You are so inspiring.
I hope that your trip was wonderful. And goodluck at home!