Saturday, October 20, 2007


Steve Irwin is probably a better known Australian than John Howard. I don't think the PM has any roads named after him yet but the Glass House Mountains Road has been renamed 'Steve Irwin Way'. This is the road that Australia Zoo is on.

We first visited the zoo about 20 years ago when it was still called 'Beerwah Reptile Park'. I remember spending the whole day out in the sun watching and waiting for the crocodiles to move. Also, we stayed past closing time to watch a python swallow his meal.

Yesterday, I took Aaron there. He loved it! He pointed out at all the animals and tried to repeat each of their names as we said them. The elephant is my favourite animal and I was eager to show Aaron one up close.

The great thing about this zoo is there there are many opportunites to have personal encounters with the animals. Except for the dangerous ones (snakes, crocodiles etc), there are opportunities to get really close to all the other animals. Here I am in 'Roo Heaven'. You can see my sister-in-law and plenty of lazing kangaroos in the background

The best part of the day came about 30 mins before closing. The wombats are allowed out of their enclosure to roam the grounds with a keeper and we were able to pat them. Also, we were lucky enough to watch all the snakes get fed their weekly meal of 2 mice eat. Once again, we stayed past closing time to watch them all finish their dinner!


John said...

Nice pics. Sounds like a grand day!

Evelyn said...

The zoo is always great for kids. Hopefully, you wont get asked the question, "What are they doing" when they see the animals humping one another! ;-) hee hee. Seeing all the pics, I really do miss you guys. :-(

Jean-Luc Picard said...

A zoo is a fine place of discovery for children. Goods pictures taken.

My 500th post is up now!

egan said...

Wombats sure are freaky creatures. They look prehistoric.