Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A Meme about Me

I love finding out more about the people behind the blogs I read. Yesterday, Serina at Laughter, Love and Madness: The Life We Have tagged me for a meme to whare some interesting facts about myself. I found this a little hard to do because these days, I find that my life revolves so much around Aaron's routine that there is nothing interesting left in me. So, here are some facts about me:

1. I don't like sleeping in. This is the way I've been my whole life. When I was in school, I didn't want to waste precious weekend time by sleeping them away. When I had a job, and worked 15 hour days, I found even more reason NOT to sleep in. What would life be if I just worked and slept. These days, with the baby, there is of course no time to sleep in but still, I don't yearn for it. If he's up at 5am....lets start the day.

2. I can eat A LOT. Seriously. I can eat more than my husband. Its not that I'm always stuffing myself with food but when the occasion calls for it, I can really eat and enjoy every mouthful of it.

3. I'm paranoid about losing my teeth. It was terrible during the 9 months of pregnancy and I visited the dentist about 4 times. Two 'official' visits and two turn-up-and-beg-for-consultation visits because I had imagined cavities. I still imagine problems with my teeth but I try not to go running to the dentist all the time.....I think I'll be needing a root canal soon...

4. I'm constantly worried that I will spoil Aaron. There is always so much 'advice' out there about not giving in, reprimanding, not to always carry a child etc etc etc. And there are also so many books out there about how to gently discipline (or teach as John had once explained. In the end, I say to myself that motherhood is a journey and I will learn as we travel together.

5. I'm a little self conscious about the way I walk. I think my feet somehow swing out and then in again....making me look like a cartoon character. And I have a tendency to lead with my head....making me look like a tortoise.


Bilbo said...

I'm with you on the "don't like sleeping in" thing. If I sleep much past 7:00 (which doesn't happen often), I feel like I've lost a big chunk of the day. I'm like my father that way - I can always get more done before everyone else is up and making demands on my time.

As far as everything else goes, nothing wrong with eating a lot...I'm sure Aaron helps you burn off any excess calories.

Your teeth will be fine as long as you brush and floss. My dental hygienist (sp?) finally got me to floss regularly by telling me that if I didn't, the buildup of gunk on my teeth would affect the weight distribution of my head and make it harder for me to dance. That was so original that I had to floss just out of appreciation.

Don't worry about spoiling Aaron...that's a job for his grandparents.

And if you don't like your walk, take up will improve your posture and your general carriage.

Hang in there! Best wishes, Bilbo.

Amanda said...

This is the first time I've heard of 'flossing out of appreciation'.

I definitely would love to take up dancing. Just waiting till we move from Indonesia and I'll be right on it.

Serina Hope said...

I think you did a great job with this one. You are still interesting even though you are a mom.