Friday, October 26, 2007

Space Management

In my final year of university, I had two major projects that focused on the efficient use of space. The first was an ergonomic workbench for the people doing wiring on some large switchboxes. The second was an all in one sewing table that folded into a small box on wheels, complete with a place for keeping thread, patterns, scissors and whatever else a tailor might need. Both projects were to design and manufacture the products.

I like organizing things and am always looking at storage solutions even if I don't buy. Very often, I'll modify ideas by using different products. Like kitchen solutions for stationary. Once I had some sort of gardening pot holder that hung up to hold my hair accessories. Its fun to mix and match storage solutions.


egan said...

I really need to keep up our garage, that would really do the trick.

Bilbo said...

Too bad you're in Indonesia...I could sure use some space management assistance with a lifetime's worth of stuff!