Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Aaron has now mastered the art of walking upright and is moving on to talking. These days, he tries very hard to use real words but we can't always understand his version of the them.

His best word is probably 'DIRTY'. I was surprised when we were in the park and he pointed at a little girl playing next to him and said "Dirty" or as he says it "Dihrtih!". The girl was cute and dressed in a pretty pink fairy outfit. Aaron didn't notice any of that. All he saw was her bare feet all black from walking around in the bark. Aaron just kept gesturing at her feet and saying, repeatedly, "Dirty. Dirty. Dirty."

I think we're at the start of a new phase. The talking-and-embarrasing-the-parents phase. Bring it on! I'm looking forward to any and everything Aaron has to say.


Bilbo said...

Yes, the learning-to-talk phase is wonderful. From a parents' perspective, though, it becomes increasingly important to never, ever, say anything in front of your child that you would be horrified to hear repeated to the parish priest. I have a wonderful story on those lines, but I can't reproduce the punch line here...suffice it to say that the parents we were visiting were embarassed to death at what their child said.

Evelyn said...

Hmmmm... I'm surprised he didn't say, "jit jit" -- that's what your mom uses for dirty (baby talk). :-) Well, give him some time and soon he will be noticing the cute girl with the pink dress instead of her dirty feet!