Thursday, October 18, 2007

Patience and Tolerance

People often say that a child brings out the best in a person and I think that Aaron has really helped me improve my patience and tolerance levels. I am the most impatient person I know and have very little tolerance for annoying whiney sounds. In general, I still am but when it comes to Aaron, I'm changing.

Sometimes I feel that I can really get a physical hold of my emotions (impatience and anger usually) and just calm myself. I've only noticed this in the past few weeks. Not sure if its just because there are now so many other people in the house that enjoy spending time with Aaron, hence allowing me some time to recharge. Whatever the reason is, I feel that I don't always have to feel so irritated, frustrated, angry and generally nasty whenever Aaron gives me a hard time with whatever minor annoying thing he feels like throwing at me. And when you step back and look at it, they really are minor. Just like many things in life, once you've done it once, you can do it again.

Having said all that, there is still plenty of instances where the baby is bringing out the worst in me. He really tests all my limits and forces me to give more than I have. And after giving all that, I sometimes feel that there are only vicious thoughts left in me to give to other (non-Aaron) people. I hate that feeling but there are so many days that I'm that way.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Nobody is perfect. A child will stretch the tolerance levels always.

John said...

I'd agree with Jean Luc.
A co-worker asked me how we disciplined our kids. I really can't remember. I know that we talked to our kids. I really believe that they understand so much more than we credit them for. Teaching them our expectations are is what discipline is all about. Although, I understand the frustration. I'm not very patient either!

Evelyn said...

I need a kid to help me in that department. Can I borrow Aaron?

Funny, you mentioned about not being able to stand the whinny noises that he makes coz' that's what my ex-roommate said too. She's fine with them crying, but it's their whininess that drives her crazy. I think it will, for me too. Maybe, I'll get a dog first to practice. Whaddya think?