Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Sewing Apnea

Today is a day of accomplishment. I made this for Aaron:

I discovered sewing when I was pregnant with Aaron and was too stingy to spend any money on clothing that I would only wear a few months. My grandmother was a seamstress and my mother, while not a seamstress, made my wedding gown. So somehow, the skill has made it into our DNA and I can now say that I 'sew' too. Well, I can
produce something that doesn't fall apart. I definitely want to go for lessons one day but for now, I am a slow and steady/better to be safe than sorry tailor. I am like a lemur when I'm sewing. AND, I hold my breath. Its an unconscious thing but sometimes I hold it so long and so frequently that I find that I have a headache after my sewing session.


noisms said...

You're like a lemur when you're sewing? For some reason an image of you sitting in a tree-top with a needle and thread pops into my head.

Bilbo said...

Sewing apnea, ha, ha! I come from a long line of seamstresses. My mother sewed many of her own clothes and some of ours, and her mother worked for many years for the Singer (sewing machine) company, making the dresses that were on the manikins in the Singer stores back home in Pittsburgh. My sister is a good seamstress, and Agnes is also very good at making her own clothes (especially dance costumes, which can run to thousands of dollars if you buy them ready made). I can't sew whole items of clothing, but can put buttons back on, sew up small rips (not beautifully, but acceptably well), and finish off seams. Surprised?

number said...

I can't sew very well but still able to mend small torn areas of clothing and fix up buttons like Bilbo. One skill that I learnt when I was a boy scout ages ago.

Amanda said...

3 comments here from 3 guys. and TWO of them can sew! I AM SURPRISED.