Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Blogging is Fabulous

I went through my blog reading list too early yesterday and didn't see that Bilbo had awarded me with this:

I really should be the one awarding it to him because his blog is one that always gives me something to think about during the day. Lately, I only glace at news headlines and don't have much time to spend digesting anything (yet I have time to blog). His blog regularly comments on current affairs and somehow always manages to get my own brain ticking on a topic that is not related to BABIES! Thank you, Bilbo.

Blogging is really turning out to be such a feel good activity. Not only does it help me to vent my own frustrations and share any good experiences, I have 'met' so many interesting people. Both Bilbo and John have recent posts about blogging as a habit and an addiction. I had thoughts of a similar post but never completed it because I thought that only I felt the irresistible force pulling me to streamline my activities to allow time for blogging.


John said...

Thankfully, we are not alone, Amanda. It appears that our blogging community is growing both in number and in commitment to the blog. It provides us with diverse thoughts from diverse backgrounds and diverse cultures and reminds us that we are more alike than different.

As much as you might look forward to thoughts and material that is not about babies, your posts always bring back fond memories of when my kids were at the age of your Aaron. Thanks.

Surfergirl said...

count me in the addicted list. i tagged you in my latest post!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

We are all addicted in our blogging. It is very cold turkey when on vacation!