Friday, April 25, 2008

I need to bite my tongue!

Aaron is repeating more and more of what he hears. Its not just words but full sentences as well. A good example of what not to do, is what I did this morning.

Each morning, we have oatmeal for breakfast. Sometimes, we have it with bananas, other times plain. Today was banana day, Aaron's favorite.

We have a rectangular table and Aaron sits at the head with Richard and I on either side of him. This is supposedly so both of us can help him out whenever he needs something. Unfortunately, today, I felt that I'm (always) the one doing all the helping. At least, this is my side of the story and I was a little grouchy this morning. Anyway, Aaron was asking for the 1000th banana top up. So, I said to Richard "Can't you hear that?!" Of course he did! It just doesn't register in brain. He gave Aaron more banana.

Not two minutes later, Aaron says in a loud voice "Can't you hear that?!". I don't think the actual meanings of those words meant anything to him. He just felt that it was the quickest way to get more bananas.

So this situation didn't backfire in any embarrassing ways but it did make me feel guilty for teaching Aaron to say something so rude. I know that you're not supposed to argue in front of your children but what are you supposed to do if you get mad? Just keep it in there to explode later? What if you're just mildly annoyed and the situation can be diffused by a sarcastic word or two? For the moment, I think the tones of our voices say more than the actual words so if I'm really good, I could be sarcastic in a cheery voice I suppose....but what happens when he has full understanding of all the words? Then what?

I guess this is one way of teaching me patience, tolerance and how to look the other way. Plenty more to learn!


Kellan said...

Yes, I have gotten mad at my husband over this very thing before - you are not alone there. ANd, yes - the little ones pick up on and hear most everything we say - it's just a fact of life.

Have a good day, AManada - see ya - Kellan

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Little children can certainly learn by instinct.

egan said...

I'm really banking on the theory that it takes kids seven or so years to fully comprehend saracasm.

elizabeth embracing life said...

I just said the same thing to my husband today...did you hear all three of them asking for milk? Except I do not se it as fighting. I think kids need to see disagreements, frustrations, and they need to see us talking it through and then laughing and kissing over it. How else do they learn any kind of resolve and learning how to get along with our spouses. I do try to be very respectful with my words, but sometimes the reality takes over the moment. LOL