Tuesday, April 8, 2008

How do I look?

Aaron never misses an opportunity to look at himself in the mirror. Its not just a quick glance. More like a prolonged examination of himself. Thats understandable because he's a toddler and they supposedly like mirrors. So he's excused.

So, how often do you look in the mirror?

I come from a family of opposites on this one. My father never passes up a mirror (or any other reflection) while I think my mother only looks once a day when she brushes her hair. I'll admit that I'm a little like my father but not as extreme. I try to do it while nobody is looking but he'll just openly stand at a mirror and look at himself from different angles. (I hope he's not reading this particular post. HA! HA!)

It seems that looking in the mirror is equated to vanity. I guess in many cases, it is. But there isn't anything overly wrong in that. Is there? We shouldn't need to feel guilty about spending a little time checking ourselves out (as long as we don't end up being one of those self absorbed people). No, I don't spend so much time in front of the mirror that I need this justified. I just find it unnecessary that most people inevitably feel embarrassed if they are caught admiring OR scrutinizing their reflection. So, I'll be signing off now to go examine if my ears are identical and at the same position.


Bilbo said...

I tend to look in the mirror fairly often, for two main reasons: to make sure nothing disgusting is stuck between my teeth, and to make sure my hair is combed. Otherwise, there's no point in looking at myself...I'm not likely to get any better-looking.

Kellan said...

I don't blame him for wanting to see himself in the mirror - he is a cutie - cute to look at.

Have a good day Amanda - see you soon - Kellan

Nap Warden said...

I, at this point, avoid the mirror. I never have the time to fix myself up;)

egan said...

Does Aaron know there's not a little boy who looks just like him on the other side of that mirror?

I think I look in the mirror, but not too often. I prefer the back of my iPod instead.

jennifer h said...

I do look in the mirror often, but just for maintenance issues (like Bilbo said).

Your boy is so cute.

MamaGeek said...

That's hilarious. My 19 month old does the same thing. SO vane, so young! Then again, they're cute!

Everytime I look in the mirror I laugh - NOT a good sign! :)