Saturday, April 5, 2008

Do mothers need quarterly reports?

I didn't even realize that it was the end of the quarter until I visited John at Out of My Hat. In the old days I would have been glad that the end of quarter stress of checking my 'funnel' for the status of my accounts was over. That seems so long ago. I don't even think in quarters anymore. I'm not sure what I think in these days. Usually, I just drift from day by day. Other times, I feel that my life is now segmented by time spent in Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia. The only milestones I really track these days are Aaron's.

Is it really necessary to constantly set and accomplish goals? I know why corporations need to do it and I also liked that sense of achievement when I was in that environment. But, what about life now? Out of habit, I try to set myself little (and big) goals but its different these days. Its truly an Aaron driven life.

I question myself all the time as to whether this is the right way to be. Then, I question myself again on why I needed to question myself in the first place since Aaron is technically my 'job' now. Its just a different type of job with different deliverables and very unpredictable time frames.

So, I don't exactly have a quarterly report. I just know that things with Aaron have been moving faster than I realized. In the past three months:

Sleep: Progressed from nursing to sleep to nursing THEN sleeping.

Toilet Training: Absolutely no control to Number 1s being caught about 50% of the time. Number 2s are still never caught. I think we're a bit slow in this area.

Mobility: From walking to now running without any breaks. He's been attempting to climb anything that has hand/foot holds. He's trying to jump but he doesn't quite have lift off yet.

Chatter: I counted 132 words on December 30. We're now having little conversations about weird things like his MiMi's (that what he calls my mom) new shoes and the Becak Man.

From day to day, I marvel at each of his new skills but of course don't really notice his transformation from baby to little boy from a more macro level. Its only times like this when I think back to who he was at the beginning of the year to who he is now that it really hits me. Imagine, he's only been around 20 months. If he lives with me until he's 18, there are another 196 months more of developments to (hopefully) marvel at.

Anyway, its a strange job and definitely not one that easily segments into 4 neat quarters a year. For the record, 18 years would have been 72 quarters. Try doing THAT long range plan!


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Looking forward to the next Quarterly!

Kellan said...

You are a smart lady, AManda and this was a great post.

Have a good weekend - Kellan

Bilbo said...

196 more months until Aaron is 18? Now THAT'S long-range thinking. Trust me, someday you will look back on the missed Number Twos as the happy time...not that I'm trying to scare you or anything...

John said...

A great post, Amanda. Being a mom is certainly a full time job! And I think that you are doing a fine job of helping Aaron as he grows and develops. Quarterly goals may not be exactly what motherhood is about, but looking at the progress you've made can be a lot of fun. It amazes me that kids grow so fast and change so much in those early years!

MamaGeek said...

I think you deserve a raise and 2 weeks of vacation Amanda! Okay, this post actually got me inspired. Perhaps I need to set some goals. :)

Nap Warden said...

Wow, you got it together girl!

elizabeth embracing life said...

Amanda, This is a terrific post. As I look back, that is when I aware of those reports. Opening a box of the things I have saved and realizing that I can take myself back to that moment and have the same emotional all over again. I loved your accounting (there now that is a business word) of Aaron's development. It may not be quarterly, but it's a terrific report.

jennifer h said...

Such a great post. Sounds like your boy has an attentive and devoted mother.

Also, don't stress out about the potty training. It will happen.

egan said...

Please please please tell me why corporations need quarterly goals. Mine has them and I can't tell you how much abhor them. Such a complete waste of time. Yes, I work hard all eight hours of the day.

What I got from this post is you don't hover over Aaron. I like that.

Amanda said...

WOW! Internet was down yesterday so I was pleasantly surprised to see so many of you left comments. Thank You!

Its good to know that the toilet training will happen....sooner or later. I've resigned myself to the fact that he'll be done when he's ready.

Elizabeth, good tip about saving things for the future. I haven't been doing that so far but will start now.

Egan, I hate to disappoint but I probably do hover....I try not to make it obvious though :) Really don't want to end up being one of those helicopter moms.

egan said...

I love the term "helicopter mom". Hey, as a parent it's hard not to be protective of them. It's in our nature.