Monday, April 28, 2008

The Family Motorcycle

Usually, we hear about the family car. Over here in Palembang, many families cannot afford cars so they go around on their motorbikes instead. I was out each day last week (during the weekdays) to get these photos but didn't see any families. My guess is that the kids walk to school, mom stays at home and dad uses the bike to go to work. Anyway, there were plenty of families out on Sunday.

The babies are always in a sling with the mother:

Still very comfortable with a single child:

They can still handle the two kids now but it looks like the mother is about to fall off the back. I wonder what families with 3 children do:

These two families appeared to be going somewhere together:

So thats all I have for today. By the way, check out the cute Vespa in that last photo. Palembang is FULL of old Vespas.

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